Best of the Old and the New

Savannah is an area that prides itself on history. People travel from all over to walk through our lovely downtown and admire all those historic homes. 
But if you’ve ever owned an older home, you know it takes an awful lot of work to keep them looking nice year after year. On the other hand, many newer homes today lack the elegance of these historic gems.
Fortunately, at Autumn Lake, you can have the best of both worlds. We put a lot of thought and care into designing our homes, which have a cottage, low-country aesthetic. With features like double porches, brick entryways, and big windows, you can have the charm of a historic home, but with all the convenience of new construction. You won’t be battling with plaster walls, ancient plumbing or inefficient cooling. You’ll have a modern, durable new home with old world appeal. 
We’re wrapping up phase 2 of our development at the Village at Autumn Lake and will soon begin phase 3. Come visit us so we can give you tour!