Better for the Environment; Better for You

When we build homes and townhomes at Autumn Lake, we take extra steps to ensure they’re environmentally friendly. Not only is this good for Mother Nature, but it helps reduce your utility costs too.
All our homes and townhomes have open cell foam insulation. This type of insulation acts as a blanket in the winter, protecting your home from the cold and keeping your heat inside. Then in summer, the same insulation traps the cold air in your home, and shields your home from the heat.
We also use low-flow shower heads, plumbing fixtures and toilets to reduce water consumption. These small steps can add up to big savings over the years, and you can feel good knowing your new home is more energy efficient.
These are just a few of the extra features we put into every home in the Village at Autumn Lake and every townhome in the Cottages at Autumn Lake. We’d love to give you the full tour – contact us today.