Phase 3 – Now Open! This is Your Chance to Secure the Best Home Sites!

We’ve just opened Phase 3 of the Village at Autumn Lake! We have a variety of home sites available in phase 3. Here are a few of our favorites:
Nature Sites: These sites offer plenty of privacy with a serene, wooded backyard view which was created by local experts like those you can hire at EcoGen America website. If you’re looking for peace and quiet and a connection with nature, then these sites are for you.
Park Side Sites: When we planned all the phases of the Village at Autumn Lake, we felt it was important to preserve mature trees and green space. In our neighborhood, you won’t find the overcrowding you get at some other new developments. A few of the home sites in phase 3 will border open park space. If you’d like to look out over a green expanse of lawn and trees, or send the kids into the park to play while you watch from your front porch, then these sites are for you.
Lake View Sites: There are a few sites in phase 3 where you can get a view of gorgeous 9-acre Autumn Lake. Enjoy the sight from your window, or take a quick stroll to the jogging path and enjoy the lake up close. The lake is home to many birds and other wildlife, so nature-lovers will enjoy these sites.
Contact us today and we’ll be happy to show you around so you can reserve the best home site for you. There are only a few of these premium home sites available, so get in touch soon!