Protect Yourself and Your Car

If you’ve ever been surprised by a summer thunderstorm while unloading the groceries, or if you’ve ever burned your legs on a hot seat after leaving your car parked outside all day, then you know the value of a garage. Not only does it protect your car, but it protects you from the elements, too. 


All of our Cottages at Autumn Lake come with two-car garages. And since you won’t need a lawnmower or a lot of tools (thanks to that low-maintenance style of town home living!), you’ll have plenty of room in your garage for your vehicles.
Between the wide streets, large driveways and ample garage space, you and your car will be quite comfortable at the Cottages at Autumn Lake. We’d love to have you come take a look at our town homes, so contact us today to set up a showing.