What makes buying a home from Bouy Brothers Builders seem special is simply that we care about our clients.  We are involved
throughout the entire process and always available to answer questions and address concerns.  This is a feature that is not common among many builders and it gives Bouy Brothers a leading edge service throughout the buying and building process. When you see the Triple B Construction sign on a lot, you know that the home owners are in for an exceptional experience.

  1. Builder meets with Sales Staff and Prospective Buyer
  2. Sales Staff initiate contract and go over details with the Builder and Buyer
  3. Builder is onsite daily during the building process
  4. Builder meets with buyer for house placement on lot
  5. Builder meets with buyer for pre-drywall inspection
  6. Builder does an orientation  of the new home prior to closing with the Buyer
  7. Buyer, Builder and Sales Staff attend the closing
  8. At the closing, the Builder explains how to contact them if any issues arise
  9. At 30 days and during the eleventh month, the Homeowner contacts the builder of any warranty items