Space to Breathe

When some developers plot new neighborhoods, the focus is on getting as many homes on the land as possible. Sometimes the end result is very few trees and lots of crowding. But we had a different vision when we planned the Village at Autumn Lake. 
We knew the lovely live oaks would be an asset to our residents – providing shade in the warm summer months, and maintaining their pretty green leaves during the winter – so we kept many of them. And when we planned the home sites, we made sure to include green space in the neighborhood. Sprinkled throughout our community you’ll find grassy fields like this one – perfect for an impromptu neighborhood soccer game, or a picnic on a blanket beneath one of those prized oaks.


When people walk through our community, they not only admire the pretty homes and well-manicured yards. They also enjoy the trees, the lake, and the grassy fields. Instead of a crowded neighborhood, they appreciate having some space to breathe and enjoy the outdoors. 
Contact us today – we’d love to give you a tour because we’re awfully proud of the community we’re building at Autumn Lake!