We Don’t Just Build Houses, We Build Homes


We don’t just build houses, we at Bouy Brothers build homes. We’re not only paying attention to the structure, but to the people who will live there. Our builders are onsite every day during the building phase, meeting with buyers throughout the process, and attending the closing. We believe customer service and follow-through are just two of the things that make us exceptional.

That’s also why we’re so pleased to get positive feedback from our buyers, like Jeff and Richelle Darley who said, “There’s a real difference there. The service and level of professionalism was outstanding, from the initial meeting with Rich, the walk thru with Brett, and the closing with Mark and Milly. Rich was outstanding to work with and was always there when I needed him.”

When our customers are happy, we know we’ve done a good job. And that makes us happy too.