Winter in the South

Two weeks ago it was Helena … then Iras and Jupiter, now Kori… it seems every week the Weather Channel is naming a new winter storm. 
Folks in other parts of the country spend their winters bracing for blizzards, preparing to stay indoors or – worse yet – braving the elements to shovel driveways and keep the gutters free of ice.
Meanwhile, it’s going to be a great week for fishing at Autumn Lake, with highs in the mid-70s all week long (without a snowflake in sight!).
More and more snowbirds who are weary of winter are making their way south. Savannah is an ideal destination – plenty of warmer weather but without the crowding of Florida, and with access to great historical and cultural sites. 
At the Cottages at Autumn Lake, we have two brand new townhomes for sale, and several other lots ready for build. Lawn care and exterior maintenance are provided, so you can spend your free time enjoying your outdoor patio or taking a walk around the lake.
We’d love to give you a tour. Contact us today for more information!